Breaking The Cycle of Abuse with Conviction, Connection and Compassion

   After The Storm

          "We can choose to turn the page to become more, or close the book and succumb to being a victim.
 I choose MORE! Here's my story..." - Ava ST. Pierre,  Author 

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A True Story Of Love, Faith, Marriage, Family, Courage & Renewal

This book will inspire you to break the cycles of your wounded past, find triumph over adversity, and free you to follow your destiny.” Ava ST. Pierre knows what it’s like to suffer. While her enthusiasm for life and ability to connect with audiences around the world endear people to her, she also knows the dark side of life. This former American beauty queen grew up in a home fully affected by mental illness. Her mother, Kathleen, struggled mightily, subjecting her children to physical and emotional abuse. As a child, Ava had no one to turn to, and she was forced to keep her shame, guilt, and condemnation wrapped up tightly in her soul. In her book, After the Storm, Ava shares her darkest hours and memories of what it’s like to be a scared and helpless child. She also speaks boldly and candidly about overcoming both childhood and adult struggles to find true happiness in life. 

After The Storm is an inspiring story told that illustrates how grace, forgiveness, and God’s unfailing love can set you free from your struggles, so you can have the peace you’ve always sought but could never find.

Ava and Sheree' have teamed together in this Mother/Daughter Co-Authored project. Sheree's blunt and sassy style of writing gives readers an enjoyable and entertaining ride. Ava touches many through her heartfelt thoughts.

From daughter to wife and mother to beauty pageant and big game adventurer, Ava ST. Pierre takes you on her journey through life in hopes of helping many facing hardships. Part of all proceeds from book sales go towards  National Institute Of Mental Health and Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) and  Providing help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. What Every Woman Needs To Know.

Ava enjoys spending time with the love of her life and husband of 38 years, children, g-children and family and friends. After The Storm is about making a difference through fundraising, volunteering, family businesses and achievements. Thank you for your purchase and helping to spread an important message of hope, especially for innocent children and families Worldwide.

Much Love,

Ava & Sheree' 

ISBN-13: 9781681022932

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