After The Storm....

          "We can choose to turn the page to become more, or close the book and succumb to being a victim.
 I choose MORE! Here's my story..." - Ava ST. Pierre,  Author 

About the Authors

"I knew the moment you were born, our mother/daughter relationship was going to be close knit and special. Thirty-five years later we continue to be inseparable and loving life together". ~ Ava

*Picture - Ava at twenty years old after welcoming her baby Angel, daughter Sheree` into her new world, shortly after she was born.

Picture: June 2017 in Las Vegas at Author's Retreat.

Sheree' Cogburn

Mom, wife, entrepreneur, writer, blogger, Author of After The Storm and a long-winded talker. Sheree' is a people person with a degree and background in Communications: PR, Speaker, Advertising, Marketing and Social Media with a minor in Computer Science. Sheree` is professional Manager for Ava ST.Pierre Brand. She enjoys charities, events, fundraisers and giving back in her spare time. Her hobbies include hiking, photography, cooking, crafts, decorating, gardening and enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado with her family. Sheree` is proud to be part of such a   touching and meaningful project.

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Thank you for inspiring us with taking the time to message, comment and call. Your personal stories are what keep Ava and Sheree` on a Mission to spread the Message of a better tomorrow. The choice is up to each and every person individually in choosing to live a happy life. AFTER THE STORM.... Is here to help you.

Ava ST.Pierre
Has never played victim; through her strength she found a better tomorrow. She shares her inspiring true-life story of a young girl who never gave up hope with help from her inspiring father, Pierre (he played mom too). Using her voice as a tool to help others has become her mission. Ava is a mother of two, a grandmother of three and is married to her high school sweetheart of thirty-nine years. She lives nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

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