After The Storm....

          "We can choose to turn the page to become more, or close the book and succumb to being a victim.
 I choose MORE! Here's my story..." - Ava ST. Pierre,  Author 

A true story of love, faith, courage and renewal, After The Storm is a compelling story of triumph over adversity and breaking the cycles of a wounded past. Former Beauty Queen Ava ST. Pierre speaks candidly about her adversities through a childhood filled with mental illness, homelessness, child abuse, and alcoholism. As an adult, these cycles continued to haunt her until she found the courage to break free and find true happiness. Torn between a deep love for her parents and baby brother, and the need to find freedom, Ava shows that perseverance and faith in God, and a determined heart can bring you through your own storm. From daughter to mother to pageant contestant to big game outfitter and owner, After The Storm helps the reader find their own emotional healing.


                       5🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠   Such an amazing story and I so identified with each and every word. 

 "It is definitely a "can't lay it down" read. I have definitely walked in her high heels and want to recommend this amazing story to anyone that has ever, ever, ever dealt with a family member/members that are mentally ill. You will finish the book with "Yea!! I'm not the only one!!" Please, I implore you,purchase and you will not be will probably purchase others for your loved ones. It's so empowering when you read of the strength, the tenacity, the LOVE this woman has for those who have hurt her in ways so many are blessed never to experience. If you've never "been through the storm", please possibly have friends that have and you will be able to minister and empathize in a way that is beyond your comprehension. So very thankful for this book.....I can see a movie in the making!!" 

 -Susan  Barber Arnold


5🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠   Every word of this book has been carefully reviewed and ...

"Every word of this book has been carefully reviewed and checked for accuracy. This is an inspiring story. I am so grateful that Ava and Sheree' took the time to share it with all of us in the reading public."  - Mary 

5 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠    Her story is not only inspiring but filled with hope and love. Her dedication to giving back and making a ... 

 "Ava is one of the most caring, honest, trustworthy people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Her story is not only inspiring but filled with hope and love. Her dedication to giving back and making a difference in the world is truly uplifting. She has always and will continue to be a bright light to all those who are fortunate enough to be in her presence. A definite read for all." - Paddy Boyd, Mrs. America 1981

"This is the kind of story that reminds you to always look forward. Drawing from the pain of her past, Ava skillfully crafts a story of triumph, warmth and good humor. I would recommend this to anyone feeling lost; it will give you perspective a guide you to a brighter tomorrow." -Christine Nichols (Canada)

“Her life story will encourage you to live your life victorious and become more thankful. No matter what your life is today, you CAN have a wonderful life. Feed your soul and renew your spirit by knowing Ava through her Autobiography. You will be inspired to LIVE and get more out of your gift of life.”  -Tony Dalton